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Jesse Cervantes

Senior Designer

My name is Jesse Cervantes. My passion for entrepreneurship and working for myself stated at a young age. I used to sell cookies at my high school during lunch, to make extra money to donate to people in need. I called my little business Uncle Jesse’s Cookies – clever I know. I dabbled in other things like selling painting and buying and selling things on the internet. I started my first legitimate business in the Army, selling fitness supplements. I quickly grew to love the branding side of the business. That’s when I decided to shut down all my operations, and focus strictly on branding and strategy. Thats when Robot Jack was born.



Brand Strategy
Company Insight
Competitive Audit
User Research
Market Positioning
Brand Architecture


Logo Design & Identity Systems
Brand Manual/Guidelines
Naming & Messaging
Marketing Material
Brand Research


Website Design
Website Development
User Experience
Package Design
Digital Design

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